Monday, January 26, 2009

CJAM's Women's Radio Collective presents...

Two new shows with rotating themes and female DJs!

The music show, Milk and Vodka, which I've mentioned in a couple of my previous posts, airs on Mondays from 5pm to 6pm.

If you missed the two shows I briefly highlighted earlier, fear not!
You can still check out the archived versions of The Slits episode that Nicole and I collaborated on, or today's Crass show, that I hosted with Jill.

There is also a new spoken word show, Genesis, that will be highlighting different women's issues on a weekly basis. You can catch it Wednesday nights from 8:30pm til 9pm.

On this week's installment, Nicole and her friend Rachel will be discussing menstruation, which is always a fascinating topic that I plan to look into more in a later post! They're also featuring an interview with University of Windsor Women Studies professor, Nancy Gobatto. Ashley also wrote a very informative post about the Diva Cup in her blog, No Soap For Sale, that I recommend everyone checking out!

If you want more information on CJAM's Women's Radio Collective, you can visit their brand new Blog, that actually has zero information up currently (because it was just created today), but soon enough it will be OVERFLOWING with copious amounts of fem-related content, show updates and the like!

If you're interested in becoming a member of the Women's Radio Collective, you can sign up on the CJAM bulliten board, which is located in their lobby (which is located in the basement of the CAW)!

Happy listening!


  1. i looked at that link you posted to helsinki fashion & loved it! they have such crazy style there.

    ill give those shows a listen!

  2. Really cool blog cristina!
    I sell diva cups where I work... I think it is one of the only places in windsor... they are kind of terrifying, but a pretty good idea. It's nicky by the way!

  3. @ Shauna: I'm so glad you liked the link!
    I'm obsessed with that website. I check out constantly waiting for new updates!
    @ Sonia: Do you use them? Have you ever heard of Luna Pads? I was reading about them today.
    @ Nicky: THANKS! Where do you work? Another reader of mine couldn't post for some reason, but is interested in buying one.

  4. I work at Pure Nature, a health store in Lasalle. We are linked from the diva cup website, I'm pretty sure. They run about $30.00.

  5. Not bad! I let my friend know.
    Thanks for the info Nicky!