Sunday, January 25, 2009

CRASS: In My Red High Heels, I've NO CONTROL!

Crass was a British anarcho-punk band that formed in 1977. Their complex music subverted dominant culture with songs containing lyrics connected to anti-war movements, anti-racism, and feminism. They played a large roll within their musical scene, who viewed female punks as sex symbols. When men wore the ripped, tight, dominatrix-inspired outfits characteristic of early punk, they were simply subverting the system-but when women donned similar attire, along with heavy black eyeliner, it became an excuse for sexual harassment.

Despite the overwhelming amounts of masculinity within the punk scene, many women decided to join together and create gender-free spaces for feminist politic. They were often seen as “angry feminist punks” but their display of anger and expression in itself was a form of counter-action against how women in society were taught to act, and in this alone they managed to create a political statement.

Eve Libertine and Joy De Vivre decided to express themselves and their political stance by writing the Crass album, Penis Envy. The album was named after the Freudian theory concerning sexuality. It was written as a reaction to the male-dominated, “macho” punk scene at the time. Their lyrics to each song provide a comment on feminist politic and women representation.

Myself and fellow CJAMmer, Jill Bishop are hosting this weeks Milk and Vodka. So tune in tomorrow from 5pm to 6pm (91.5 fm or as we highlight more Crass and give you a taste of Penis Envy.

Here is a fan made video of Berkertex Bribe:


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