Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Genesis Does Burlesque

I was going write a well thought out SECOND post on Burlesque, because myself and Kate are hosting a special edition of Genesis tonight about the topic, but then I figured you should listen for yourself tonight, and THEN I'll post all the issues we discussed.

Burlesque is a form of theatrical entertainment involving parody and exaggeration. It's rooted within nineteenth century vaudeville theater and was later resurfaced in the early twentieth century as a blend of satire, performance arts and adult entertainment.

We're going to be looking more into the origins of the art, look at why it is NOT stripping, how it can be looked at as a feminist enterprise, and highlighting some of the contemporary burlesque dancers and how it has been adapted into our everyday culture!

Be sure to tune in tonight from 8:30pm - 9pm on CJAM 91.5fm, or stream it live from


  1. great song by april march! fabulous show, I really agreed with the perspective you both took on burlesque. incredibly intelligent and poignant edition of Genesis, thanks!

  2. thanks so much Nicole!

  3. THANKS NICOLE! I'm really glad you liked it!