Monday, February 16, 2009

Milk and Vodka with Cristina Naccarato and Nicole Markham!

Nicole and I had a very successful show tonight! Aside from a few minor technical difficulties, everything went really well. We had no set theme tonight, instead we went through our favorite femcon stuff and shared it with the world!
You can listen or download the!

Cristina's picks
Nicole's picks
* Canadian

Nanuchka - Madam Ching
Catlow - Added Up *
Dandi Wind - Drawing Straws *
Astrid Oto - Can't Farm In The Rain
Yoko Ono and Le Tigre - Sisters o Sisters
Bikini Kill - Rah-Rah Replica
Be Your Own Pet - Blackhole
Citywide Vacuum - Sweet Kraut *
Elbow Beach Surf Club - Our Hood *
Yelle - Amour Du Sol
Lemuria - Hours
Lemuria - Mechanical
Lemuria - Get Some Sleep
The Bran Flakes - You Can Do Most Anything
Miss TK and the Revenge - Fake Italians Aint No Stallions
Stereo Total - I Love you, Ono
Land of Talk - All My Friends *
Jenni Omnichord - The Old Prince *


  1. You guys are amazing! I missed it b/c of being at work. Is there anyway to get missed shows online? Can I even listen online?