Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Phog Lounge: The Number One Live Music Venue in ALL OF CANADA!

In the heart of our Downtown hub sits the small 60-seater bar, Phog Lounge who was just named THE BEST LIVE MUSIC CLUB IN CANADA! Today is a proud day for all of us Windsorites...especially the creative class!

Back in early February, CBC Radio 3 created a contest sending out their "searchlight," encouraging their listeners to vote for who they believed to be the best live music venue in Canada. The list started off with 114 clubs, and as the voting began to narrow down the list, the creative class in Windsor grew more and more excited as Phog was bumped to the Top 50...and then to the Top 10! It's been a long and exciting wait, but today at approximately 4pm EST, our little Phog was announced THE WINNER!

This undoubtedly will create a HUGE impact on Windsor's music scene. CBC also announced they will be presenting Phog with a line-up of "huge Canadian acts."

Phog has been such an encouraging and inspiring place when it's come to feminist and girl related events. Well-known Windsor musician Tara Watts hosts the open mics every Monday, they hold craft nights, women run fashion events AND Phog also just happens to be where Smash The Glass: Night One, and International Women's Day Jam will take place! So exciting!

Congratulations Phog Lounge!
We are all so proud of you!


  1. Really awesome!! I've never been to Phog... I should probably go see what the Best Live Music Club in Canada is all about!

  2. You have to! It's really great and intimate! A bunch of people are going to celebrate tonight...a perfect time to check it out! If not, check out their events calender. Maybe something will spark your attention :)