Thursday, February 19, 2009

KM Stitchery: Wearing Feminism

I'm sure you've all seen 454298572 (approx.) t-shirts with a photo of Che Guevara, or other revolutionary men, but what about all the awesome women revolutionaries? What if I want to walk around with Audre Lorde or Bell Hooks hanging out on my chest?

Browsing through The Bitch Blog earlier this morning, I came across an article entitled "Wearing Your Feminism On Your Sleeve," that showcased the Minneapolis-based, indie fashion designer, Lindsay Keating-Moore. She runs the clothing line, KM Stitchery, which showcases stenciled portraits of famous feminists on all of her pieces. The shirt above features one of my personal favorites, Gertrude Stein.

All of her clothing is recycled. She hits up thirft stores and buys overstock shirts in various sizes, and then uses water based, non-toxic paint for the stencils. She ALSO uses recycled cereal boxes to make her business cards and tags! Talk about an eco-veg friendly feminist!

She sells all of her stuff on, but she also keeps a blog about all of her endeavors. What's also great about her Etsy, is the "Who's that lady?" section she includes for each shirt!
So cool.

Some of the ladies she's stenciled include, Susan B. Anthony, Simone De Beauvoir, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, and the list goes on.
Keep in mind that my birthday is quickly approaching ;-)
Also, If you missed the Genesis episode Kate and I put on last night about Burlesque, you can read her blog entry about it, or listened to the achieved version.


  1. yes! this is amazing, im going to look for Virginia Woolf? hehaha great post

  2. Haha, I KNEW you'd LOVE this! I don't think she has any up, but she does custom orders!

  3. I should TOTALLY do Virgina Woolf, being that I was an english major I should already have her done :)

    Thank you for posting about me, you rock! I'm linking this blog, it's really great!

  4. No way! I'm an English Major too!
    I noticed the literary influence in your designs (i.e. Gilman, Stein, Hooks, etc)
    Anytime though! I will put you in my links as well :)

  5. True True! There is a literary theme :) Right now, I've decided to read all of the Bronte sisters novels. There's 7 total. I'm reading Villette by Charlotte Bronte :) I think there's a stencil in the works there!

    That's cool that you're an english major too! Currently or did you graduate?

  6. Ah! I've read some Bronte stuff. I hated Jane Eyre, but loved Wurthering Heights.

    I'm currently an English major. I'm in my third year, and this blog is actually a class project! I'm in a class called "Advanced Composition and Theory" and the topic is "The Theory and Practice of Blogging." So, as you can see, my blog focuses on feminism and creative ladies, and as soon as I saw the post on you, I HAD to write something.

  7. I LOVED Wuthering Heights and I'm going to read Jane Eyre next!

    That is so cool that you are blogging for a class! :)

    And thank you so muc for blogging about me! So sweet! :)

  8. It's basically the best class ever.

    Thanks for doing something awesome enough, that I'd want to blog about it :)